About Us

While our olives travel from our own orchards to your table somewhere along the way they turn into oil which we hope you will always enjoy. ‘Dizem’ was founded in Gülpınar, Çanakkale (the Dardanelles) in 2007. The organic olive orchards we farm on cover 697,000 m2 (172 acre approx.) of land. We also produce oil from other local organic and inorganic olive orchards. The taste, the texture and the aroma of olives can show slight variations depending on the weather conditions such as the amount of rainfall throughout the year and the unusual temperature variations, etc. Our policy is not to get involved in other types of olives and olive oil production in order to keep the consistency of our own products. Also, we prefer glass bottles to preserve the taste and the aroma of our products as well as being as friendly as possible with the environment. Our company policy is to produce high quality olive oil rather than economical types and encourage the farmers to convert into organic farming. We are determined to provide our customers with high quality and delicious olive oil.

Dizem Oil Mill